Historical visit

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"Chavaniac for me is a temple that reunites the objects that are sacred in my heart"
Marquis de Lafayette
Welcome to Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette. Today, Lafayette’s spirit and heart are more than ever present in his former home where voices will take you back through times and lights will guide you to the heart of the castle: the bedroom where the Marquis was born on September 6, 1757.

The walls tell the story of his life, his happy childhood in Chavaniac and his marriage to Adrienne de Noailles, demonstrated by the decor and characters that shared this great event.

During the visit you will discover Gilbert Motier de La Fayette and will have the chance to read many different opinions about our hero from admirers & critics. You will go through the corridor that leads to a room dedicated to the Haute-Loire and learn about his childhood. The visit continues with the treasure room, followed by the room where Lafayette was born, and a room dedicated to the subject of our hero’s marriage which strongly influenced the rest of his life. You will be permitted to penetrate into the secret world of Freemasonry to which Lafayette was loyal throughout his life. In the 18th century gallery, the philosophers of his age express their views on the fight against slavery, a theme dear to Lafayette. Then, you will see the salon of Mme de Lafayette. This salon, also called Chavaniac’s green study, was a room to receive society. At your feet you will observe a magnificent Versailles parquet floor dating back to the 18th Century, and on the wall we can count 14 wallpaper panels nevertheless created around 1790 in Paris by the "manufacture Reveillon". They bear witness to a decor that became very much the fashion at the end of the 18th century.

Finally, in a small 18th century style theater, you will be shown a movie where his wife Adrienne tells the epic tale of the General in America and his struggle to liberate the people of the New World from the oppression of England.